Thursday, August 9, 2012

Helplessly as his arse is fucked and paddled

Handsome straight boy Rob plays the role of a cute young student doctor who has just finished an all-night shift at the hospital when he's paged at the last minute to come down to the basement and deal with an emergency...
Sexually servicing men is new to hetero boy Rob but he wants to test his boundaries and limits to see how far he can go... Snogging a man, rope tied, pants ripped off him, arsehole fingered, fitted with a butt plug and made to sit on it, taught to kiss with tongue, ball-gagged, nipples pegged, cock and balls tied, arse paddled, fucked with a dildo.
Only when he's giving Dave mouth to mouth and feels the man's tongue exploring his own does he realize something is amiss. Enough people have been teased by those sexy blue scrubs fitting tight around his curvy bottom. He's bound and groped with his tighty whities torn right off him to give full access to his hole. The pervy men take his temperature inserting their fingers deep inside his virgin rectum. They fill his arse with a large plug and sit him down so it sinks deep inside his anal cavity.
Rob gives orders all day and subjects people to invasive testing. Now it's time to test his own ability to follow orders by submitting to ardent kisses and feeling another man's tongue sliding against his own. It turns out he has a very sensitive bum which blushes deep red when whacked. Strung up in a tense position he's taken to his limit trembling helplessly as his arse is fucked and paddled.

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