Friday, January 11, 2013

Fucking loud and proud in a smelly locker-room

Clark Longhammer and Mason Garet are getting fucking loud and proud in a smelly locker-room. In this video, these two are animals after each other; Mason doesn't even bother to pull down Clark's jock strap before he swallows his partner.

The pair move to a sling; the chains and leather bounce as Clark plunges back into that, "sweet hole." The bottom is moaning on a "hole" new level as Clark pounds and demands, "fucking take it." Clark then pulls out in time to spray his partner and reenter. Mason cums next, tugging feverishly on his cock as he is finger fucked by Clark; "fucking A, gonna finish what you started boy" remarks Clark. Palpating Mason's prostate, he blows a load all over himself and is rewarded with his own load, courtesy of Clark. The two then congratulate each other; Mason goes into spasms as Clark licks and sucks again, head to head.

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Boy tied up

The arms of naked Kamil are tied to the ceiling of the room. His feet stand on an dirty old chair Hector is still raging and he squeezes the boy`s balls and tortures his nipples. The chair finally falls and Kamil lost the ground under his feet. The perfect position to give him a good spanking. Hector takes a flamethrower. Scared to death the humble boy agrees to give his master a good blow-job.

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Helplessly as his arse is fucked and paddled

Handsome straight boy Rob plays the role of a cute young student doctor who has just finished an all-night shift at the hospital when he's paged at the last minute to come down to the basement and deal with an emergency...
Sexually servicing men is new to hetero boy Rob but he wants to test his boundaries and limits to see how far he can go... Snogging a man, rope tied, pants ripped off him, arsehole fingered, fitted with a butt plug and made to sit on it, taught to kiss with tongue, ball-gagged, nipples pegged, cock and balls tied, arse paddled, fucked with a dildo.
Only when he's giving Dave mouth to mouth and feels the man's tongue exploring his own does he realize something is amiss. Enough people have been teased by those sexy blue scrubs fitting tight around his curvy bottom. He's bound and groped with his tighty whities torn right off him to give full access to his hole. The pervy men take his temperature inserting their fingers deep inside his virgin rectum. They fill his arse with a large plug and sit him down so it sinks deep inside his anal cavity.
Rob gives orders all day and subjects people to invasive testing. Now it's time to test his own ability to follow orders by submitting to ardent kisses and feeling another man's tongue sliding against his own. It turns out he has a very sensitive bum which blushes deep red when whacked. Strung up in a tense position he's taken to his limit trembling helplessly as his arse is fucked and paddled.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Dungeon Fisting and Foot Fucking

Hot leather daddies Dillen Mcfate and Kurt Wilde are getting ready for some extreme man to man action. Kurt licks Dillen's boots, enjoying the raunchy smell of leather. Soon the 2 are sucking each other cocks. Wilde is ready for some wild ass action, as McFate lubes up his hole. He starts with a dildo, but quickly moves on to bigger and better toys, while McFate slips in his bare cock from time to time. Soon that ass is ready for some fist fucking. McFate punch fucks that ass before getting his full bare foot in that's what I'd call 'Foot-Fucking-Fan-Tastic! Download the full video in the highest quality at

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Strangled in agonising predicament bondage

Strangled in agonising predicament bondage, foreskin clips, ball weight, fingerfucked, made to suck both cocks as he chokes himself, pissed on.

I wind a rope round his neck and viciously suffocate the handsome blond until his face burns scarlet and his breath comes in strangled chokes. Lee winces and pants when I let the rope loose, but the hate still blazes in his eyes as he mutters, "Fuck OFF." I tie the rope to his ankles and winch it taut, yanking his head right back with the throat rope, causing him an unbearable combination of choking and muscle pain. I just laugh.

While Lee's trying to work out how to breathe without exhausting his leg muscles, I tie a heavy weight to his cock and balls, and drop it down the side of the desk. "Aaaargh you fucking bastard!" groans Lee. "What the fuck are you doing?" But there's more coming. A pair of agonising clips on his foreskin cause even more agony, but when Adrian ties them to Lee's toes, things get even worse for Lee - he now can't even move his legs without hurting his own dick. With no warning, Adrian shoves his finger deep into Lee's hole, and fingerfucks him roughly in his tight straight arsehole, making the racist thug scream in pain.

Now Lee really knows how helpless he is, he's desperate to do anything to get out of this predicament. Adrian unzips his flies and presents his rampant hard dick to Lee... and the miserable fucker reluctantly opens his mouth and reches for it, choking himself in the process. I fingerbang Lee in the arse while Adrian crams his cock all the way down Lee's throat, making him choke and gag as he retches on the rock hard prick. Every time Lee rocks forward to get his face right down on the cock, he yanks his own foreskin into a state of blazing agony. As Adrian fucks his face, he convulses, choking himself on the neck rope even more.

I line up to take my turn, and Lee winces, knowing I'm even rougher than Adrian. I give Lee a chance to get me hard, but he's not quick enough, so I smack him around and shout at him until he's almost in tears, choking and groaning with his lips pressed up against my pubes. Adrian informs Lee that he has to pull the clips off his foreskin by the count of ten. Lee tries to keep sucking as he causes himself more and more pain, but as the clips fly off his dick, he rears back in a howl of agony. "AAAAGGHH!!"

Has Lee still not learnt that sucking cock comes first? To punish him, Adrian holds Lee's mouth open while I violently fuck his face, before climbing on top of him and pissing all over his head. Perhaps now Lee will work out his new position in life - under the feet of two bastards even more sadistic than him.

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Soldiers show no mercy when they fuck there boy-slaves

The gang-bang reaches it´s climax as the soldiers show no mercy when they fuck there boy-slaves hard. They cover their bodies and faces with loads of juicy cum to complete the act of humiliation.

The gang bang gets more and more intense. The bitter sweet smell of sweat fills the air of the attic. Franio is close to tears as Mecko fucks him harder and faster, harder than any straight virgin boy could take. Meanwhile Becko pushes Gorja´s head down giving him a heavy deep throat. The gagging and choking guy stopped any resistance realizing that with cock in his ass and mouth he has no chance to escape.

Than suddenly a loud groan as Becko shoots his immense load covering Gorja´s body. One by one the four tormentors spread their body fluid over the poor boys. The viscose sperm runs down on their faces, chest and butts. Gorja and Franio lay in a mess as the soldiers start joking about the fun they had. “How was I?” Becko asks the humiliated Gorja. “You are a good fuck” Niko commands on Franio´s tight ass. Laughter, laughter that degrades the two boy-slaves ever more. The soldiers dress on their way outside leaving the boys naked, humiliated, fucked and still bound.

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