Friday, July 16, 2010

Soldiers show no mercy when they fuck there boy-slaves

The gang-bang reaches it´s climax as the soldiers show no mercy when they fuck there boy-slaves hard. They cover their bodies and faces with loads of juicy cum to complete the act of humiliation.

The gang bang gets more and more intense. The bitter sweet smell of sweat fills the air of the attic. Franio is close to tears as Mecko fucks him harder and faster, harder than any straight virgin boy could take. Meanwhile Becko pushes Gorja´s head down giving him a heavy deep throat. The gagging and choking guy stopped any resistance realizing that with cock in his ass and mouth he has no chance to escape.

Than suddenly a loud groan as Becko shoots his immense load covering Gorja´s body. One by one the four tormentors spread their body fluid over the poor boys. The viscose sperm runs down on their faces, chest and butts. Gorja and Franio lay in a mess as the soldiers start joking about the fun they had. “How was I?” Becko asks the humiliated Gorja. “You are a good fuck” Niko commands on Franio´s tight ass. Laughter, laughter that degrades the two boy-slaves ever more. The soldiers dress on their way outside leaving the boys naked, humiliated, fucked and still bound.

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