Friday, July 9, 2010

Overpowered and rudely stripped he gets humiliated and heavily beaten

Carl didn't want to pay. Overpowered and rudely stripped he gets humiliated and heavily beaten. Then the soldiers piss at him giving him a golden shower and make him suck their hungry dicks.

Carl thought he knew the soldiers. Every now and then he payed them for bringing him fresh Tchukistani boys from the street. But as this hobby gets more and more expensive he tried to negotiate. Big mistake. Once Nikolay noticed that Carl didn't want to pay the whole amount all three soldiers gathered around him and started to bully him. He tried to convince them that he will pay more money next time but it was too late already.

“Trying to cheat, asshole?” Becko asks. “Well, arrogant cunt, the lesson you,ll get now is overdue!” They start to rip off his shirt, take away his belt and remove his pant. Pushed to a chair they go on stripping him. With his undies down they start to fondle him. Mecko brings a leather whip and immediately Becko starts to beat poor Carl. He cant understand what happened. Why he is in this mess. Weren't those guys his friends? Well, obviously not!

Then they push him to the ground. Down on his knees Mecko takes out his dick. So does Nikolay. They both start to give him a golden shower. And as the piss is running down his head and body Carl´s face is full of disgust. Now he learns what it means to be humiliated at its best. “Suck it, bitch” Becko commands and as Carl is still struggling he pushes his dick deep into the guy´s mouth. “Come on make it hard” and paralyzed by fear Carl sucks like a lady.

Suddenly they push him to another corner of the room. Towards the metal scaffold that Carl likes so much for his kinky games. But this time it´s him being used. Becko starts to tie him well. His feet and hands are bound. Mecko and Nikolay keep fondling they guy. “You lay comfortable?” Becko jokes. “Just wait and see what we have prepared for you! And I´m not sure if you gonna like it...”

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