Friday, July 9, 2010

Bound and gagged, humiliated, tormented ...

Bound and gagged, ordered to jerk off, humiliated, tormented with painful ball pegs and nipple clamps, flogged, electrocuted, pissed all over, and challenged under threat to an unfair cum-race...

We've left our big stupid captive boxer tied up, the potential for punishment fresh in his mind as he fails to think up a way out of his miserable predicament. Tears drip down Benjamin's face as Reuben shoves a ballgag between his deliciously fat lips - but no amount of tears and moaning will ever get our sympathy.

We inform Benjamin that we would like to see him wank off. Hopeful that pleasing us will lead to his release in more ways than one, Benjamin gazes up at us with wet eyes, frantically trying to stroke his limp, scared cock into some semblance of hardness.

It's a sorry sight, but I decide to make it even more pathetic by putting the big brute in more and more pain as the minutes tick by. First come some vicious hooked nipple clamps, which I gleefully yank on, then we fix some tight pegs to Benjamin's nutsack, making it agonising for him as he tugs it up and down witheach stroke. With the added soreness, the boxers cock seems to shrink even more, his eyes leaking tears as his gagged mouth drips with drool.

The next punishment comes in the form of a riding crop - I give the twat a few hard blows in various places, making him flinch and howl as he desperately tries to keep a grip of his stupid softening cock. Reuben sadistically zaps his feet and body with the electric prodder, then we pick up floggers and attack him from both sides, raining down blow after blow on Benjamin's vulnerable limbs and body, including his clamped nipples. Immobile between our relentless persecution, Benjamin cowers and cries, hoplessly wanking his dick.

Why is this thug finding it so difficult to get his prick up? Maybe he needs some lube. We whip out our cocks and piss all over his body and genitals, making Benjamin cringe in horrified disgust, my shouted threats and abuse ringing in his ears, ordering him to keep wanking his fucking cock. When he's soggy and stinking of piss, we break the news to him that he's had long enough - this is now a wanking race, and if he loses, life is going to get a hell of a lot worse for him.

Horned up by Benjamin's degradation and suffering, Reuben and I begin wanking, our throbbing, rigid members providing a humiliating contrast to Benjamin's soft little sausage. As we breathlessly draw close to climax, Benjamin is still nowhere near to hard. He looks fearfully at mine, then Reuben's cock, realising he's about to fail, terrified of the consequences, but it's too late. I spray hot white cum over his body and cock, followed closely by Reuben, who drips it all over the heaving black pecs. Benjamin is about to find out what happens when he loses a game to Straight Hell.

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