Thursday, July 15, 2010

Spitroasted in front of perverts in the woods

Spitroasted in front of perverts in the woods, made to give blowjobs to whoever wants one, beaten when he disobeys, ordered to lick a stranger's smelly arsehole, then covered in all our cum.

Just when Nicholas thinks his situation couldn't get any worse for him, it does. With him tied up and helpless, we're slamming away at his arse and mouth in the woods, when we hear the approach of a stranger. More and more lecherous men arrive to watch and wank, until we're surrounded by an audience. Word has spread about the naked fuck-whore we've been abusing in public, and these men want a piece of the action.

After Reuben and I swap ends, we generously vacate the straight boy's panting, protesting mouth, and offer it to one of the guys. He gleefully shoves his prick into Nicholas's unwilling gob, holding his head down and making him suck it all the way to the hilt, while my rigid cock thrusts deep in and out of our male property's tight hetero arse.

Soon, another pervert wants a turn - a man with a dick so huge that Nicholas tries to turn away, his face a picture of terror. But I won't let the rude little cunt get away with that - I smack him and push his head down onto the massive weapon, until his trembling lips are well and truly wrapped around the throbbing shaft. The watching perverts wank over the sight, some bending down to get a better look at the red-faced lad gagging on the old man's tool.

While Nicholas chokes on the huge member, yet another dirty old man wants some pleasure from this hot young lad. The man makes Nicholas blow him, then bends over and demands a rimjob. Nicholas cringes away in horror, but there's no escape, with my hard dick pistoning away inside him and my firm hand hitting him for his hesitation, the boy has no choice. Sobbing, he sticks his tongue out and laps at the stranger's hairy, sweaty pucker, following my shouted commands to get his tongue up the man's hole, despite the overpowering smell of the sleazy old tramp's backend.

The excited audience get more and more frantic as they masturbate to each degrading new act of servitude we order Nicholas to perform. Reuben and I throw the boy to his knees and spurt our cum over his contorted, miserable face. With the white jizz dripping down his forehead and cheeks, more and more men move in to add their slimy additions to his humiliation. I pick up a couple of used condoms from the floor, and empty them over Nicholas, until his face is entirely glazed in hot white spunk. As I order him to open his mouth, for me to shove a used condom into it, Nicholas obeys mechanically, racked with painful sobs, locked in a nightmare world of his own. He has reached true Straight Hell.

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