Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fucked and tied Harry gets a massive load right into his face

The huge dildo is pain in the tiny ass. Fucked and tied Harry gets a massive load right into his face. Then the soldier gets mummified with freezing film and fondled till he gets a hard-on to finally get milked by his tormentor.
Harry lays on the floor

Harry lays on the floor tied as a package. His face shows all the pain this poor guy suffers from. His officer, Maximilian, dildo-fucks the soldier for a long time now. In and out, turning it around many times. Finally he takes the massive toy out of the guy´s ass and starts to fondle his hole with his fingers. What a turn-on to see that helpless cutie unable to move and completely delivered to his mercy, Max thinks.

Stroking his fleshy cock the soldier moves closer to his caught. He moans like an animal until he covers Harry´s body and face with loads of hot cum. Suddenly he unties him but just to mummify him with freezing film. Again well packed and paralyzed Harry has to stand another humiliation as he gets sucked and stroked by Maximilian. “Come with me, baby” Max says as he carries the guy like a girl on his arms towards a swinging table.

“Now I want to see your cum!” he shouts at Harry and starts to play with the guys balls and cock. His body is betraying Harry as his hard-on is so sensitive and responding to every touch. Maximilian takes himself some time to make Harry cum. He enjoys the power he has. He wants to see the boy begging for relief and a climax. Finally a huge load squirts out of the cock. Max bows forward kissing his refractory mate and leaving him naked, bound and humiliated.

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