Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Arrogant straight lad breaks down in tears

Arrogant straight lad breaks down in tears as we tie him, peg his cock up, drop a heavy brick from his nuts, electrocute him, then mercilessly spitroast him, fucking his tight arse and unwilling mouth, then making him swallow cum.

Nicholas is one of the hottest young men we've ever got our hands on. And our rampant cocks are aching in our jeans, getting stiffer by the second as we tie up the struggling straight boy, making him utterly helpless. His ankles spread, his legs tied apart and his wrists bound together, Nicholas soon realises it's futile to spit and swear at us, and a few well timed slaps and threats drum the message home.

But even as the tears roll down his cheeks, the resistant bastard won't stop fighting. It just gives us more pleasure as we begin the cruel series of torments we've planned for the cunt - starting with pegs on his heavy dangling cock. "Please! No! Stop!" he begs between screams, as he realises I'm also tying a huge brick to his suffering balls. "For fucks sake!" he yelps, as I begin to loosen my grip on the brick.
I drop it. Nicholas howls in agony as the brick yanks his balls down almost to the floor. "AAAAAGHHH!" We just laugh, and pick up our next instruments of punishment - the electric zappers.

We shock the writhing, yelling man countless times - on his arse, back, legs, on his strained cock and balls, and even in nasty little spots like behind his ears, eliciting maximum agony with minimum effort. Nicholas screeches his head off, sobbing for mercy, but we don't stop until he's promised, between curse words, to do what we want. And we want his mouth and his arse. Now.

Tears glisten in Nicholas's unhappy eyes as I order him to get his mouth on my erect cock. His lips curl up in disgust as he opens his unwilling mouth to pleasure me, and I shout at him to suck it properly as I grab his head and shove my dick right down his convulsing, choking throat.
Reuben, meanwhile, slides his throbbing prick into Nicholas's tight anus, pushing past the hairy cheeks to avail himself of the joys of the reluctantly clenched hetero guts within. My facefucking gets faster and faster until I'm literally pounding in and out of his head, rendering him unable to breathe or even make a noise of protest.

We roughly spitroast the moaning, choking young man, shoving our cocks in and out of both his holes, using his tied, helpless body as our own personal fucktoy. No amount of his struggling allows him even an inch of respite whatsoever, as we slam our dicks into his face and arse with no regard for his comfort.
As Reuben fucks him hard and fast, and I shoot my load into the miserable open mouth, I vaugely wonder if Nicholas's tears are from the pain of having his virgin arse ripped open by another man, or from the utter humiliation at being abused like this. Not that I give a shit - I've had my fun with the straight twat.
Reuben sprays his cum over his temptingly bent over arse, while I make Nicholas eat every drop of the slimy load off my own cock. He gags in disgust, but I don't care - we're leaving him like this for now - the taste of a man's cum in his mouth, bent over, naked and helpless to the whim of anyone who may pass by.

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