Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Roped up against the wall

Roped up against the wall, oiled up and thrashed with floggers, covered in pegs which are cruelly whipped off, fingerfucked then anally penetrated with a dildo.

Benjamin knows there's no way out. The big black boxer is doing his best to be stoic and not show us how scared he is, but his eyes betray his misery at this humiliating predicament.

With his hands tied securely out of the way by Reuben, I taunt Benjamin, getting up close into his personal space and really psyching him out. When he kisses his teeth at me in disgust, I shove a gag into his sexy big mouth, spread his legs with an unforgiving metal spreader bar, and get to work punishing him. A hard flogging soon has the dumb man dancing in pain, making us laugh as he struggles in futility against his restraints.

I pour oil all over the boxer's beautifully rippled, lean body, making every muscle gleam, his solid black limbs shining as he rocks from side to side. We pin clothes pegs to Benjamin's nipples, making him wince and moan, so of course we get carried away and put pegs all up and down his defined abdominal muscles.
As Benjamin appreciates just how much agony all those clothes pegs are capable of causing, we pick up our floggers and make it even worse for him: the only way they're coming off is with a whipping.

Our floggers lash into Benjamin over and over again, each hit taking off a mere one or two clothes pegs. It takes several hard blows for the last few to come off his sensitive nipples, and every time I raise my arm, the boxer shies away like a frightened animal. He's cowed, drooling all over himself, humiliated, and I'm getting more sadistic by the minute. We turn him round and thrash his round bubble butt even harder, our dicks stiffening at how the slippery oil just seems to tempt our fingers down into his crack, leading to his inviting black arsehole.

Reuben is the first to ram a finger up into the boxer's hole, pushing his way past the resistant sphincter to probe up all the way into Benjamin's guts. Seeing the big man wincing and gasping under the anal onslaught entices me to thrust my finger inside him too, fingerfucking him harder and faster, eliciting yet more agonized faces from Benjamin. We even fuck him with our fingers together, hammering in and out, stretching him up for the torment to come.

When Reuben brandishes the glass dildo under his nose, Benjamin nearly shits himself in fright. But there's no avoiding it - he's about to have his pristine anus ruined for good with a large, hard tool. We spread his round arse cheeks open and shove the dildo deep into his arse, while Benjamin almost chokes on his ballgagged moans, gagging in pain at the rough intrusion. With the dildo firmly lodged in place in his arse, Benjamin is a picture of abject, drooling humilation. And we've hardly even got started.

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